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If you’re like me and thousands of other moms, this is probably how your life sounds…

Your kids are constantly asking for everything they see at the store, only for it to be thrown on the floor 5 minutes later.

They take the meals you make for granted and sometimes won’t even take a bite.

And whenever you try to remind them how blessed they are to have what they have…

They stomp away uninterested or look at you confused,

Leaving you to think “oh crap, did I spoil my kids?” but you’re not sure how to teach it to them.

It seems as if practicing gratitude is something only adults should do.

And who could blame us for thinking this when all the gratitude prompts on the internet are too hard for kids to answer?

Instead, we need a simple and fun way to teach our kids to be more grateful and appreciative.


7 day gratitude challenge for kids
7 day gratitude challenge for kids

A 7-Day Gratitude Challenge for your kids to actually enjoy practicing to be grateful.

These daily activities go beyond your typical “what are you grateful for?” prompts

The challenge kit requires practically no additional assistance from you or extra supplies, which means instead of sending your kids to their tablets so you can get dinner ready, you can hand them an activity sheet instead.

Or it could even be a fun and easy activity you do as a family on Sunday Funday.

That’s the best part of this challenge.

It’s one that can be done on their own, with siblings or together as a family.

All while sparking creativity and sharing kindness with others

All while sparking creativity and sharing kindness with others

benefits of these daily challenge activities


Sometimes our kids just need an extra little motivational boost to start a new routine, which is why you’ll also receive…

gratitude coupons

bonus #1

Gratitude Coupons

This is a fun way to keep your kids motivated throughout the 7 days of the challenge by giving them one coupon for every daily challenge completed.

Value $5

And to make sure this isn’t just a one-week thing that your kids will learn and forget, you’ll receive…

gratitude journal for kids

bonus #2

Gratitude Journal for Kids

3 Gratitude daily + weekly journal sheets which can be used over and over again, so that your kids can continue to practice gratitude long after the challenge is over.

Value $10

Everything you need to turn your kids from ungrateful to appreciative is inside this challenge kit. 

7 day gratitude challenge for kids

Total Value: $42

Only $27

here's what parents & kids have to say

“My kids really enjoyed doing it – I enjoyed doing the activities together and looking forward to reopening our time capsule in a year and seeing the girls reactions to what was important to them now vs then.”

– Jocelyn, Mom of 2

“I’d been wanting to do some more meaningful exercises with my four year old for a while and has considered things such as affirmations. However I wasn’t really sure where to start or how to implement something like that in to our lives. The gratitude challenge came at a perfect time for us as it was a great introduction in to starting to have deeper conversations about the things that matter to my daughter. It gave us a plan for each day as well as prompts which took out all the guess work for me. The challenge frames them in a way that is easy for little people to understand and it was really interesting for me to be able to get insight in to what she thinks and feels and what is important to her.”
– Alyssa, Mom of 1

hey there, i'm lucy!

I’m the blogger behind Cheers to Life Blogging. I’m a wifey, mom of two (an 8-year old and 5 month old) and work from home on my online business.

My ultimate goal is to help mamas like you master mom-life balance so that you can enjoy family time with your kiddos. They grow up way too fast for us to miss anything, so we need to treasure every little moment that we can.

This 7-Day Gratitude Challenge is a great way to bond as a family while teaching them gratitude in a fun and special way!


The 7-Day Gratitude Challenge for Kids includes 7 daily activities centered around helping your kids find things to be grateful for.

Gratitude activities like scavenger hunt, writing a letter, time capsule, gratitude tree and more.

Also included are two bonuses, the gratitude completion coupons and gratitude journal sheets.

These activities can really be enjoyed as a family. But the ideal ages for most activities are for preschoolers through early middle schoolers (ages 4-11)

Upon purchase, you’ll instantly receive access to all the activity sheets and bonuses. So if you find yourself not being able to get them to want to start the challenge, let them pick which day they want to do first.

These will come in a digital format that can be instantly downloaded. Upon receipt, you’ll receive instructions from Thrivecart to create a free account where your downloads will be stored for easy access and download. No physical copy will be sent, but you can print them out as many times as you’d like.

Nope! Most activities simply require something to write or color with. The only activity that requires something extra is the Time Capsule, which is just an old shoe box you likely have laying around in your kids’ closet LOL.

There is some movement involved with a few of the activities and may require some assistance from you, but the majority can be completed while stationed in one place.

Once you’ve purchased your challenge kit, it’s yours forever! You can print as many copies as you’d like for your personal use only. If you’d like to host this challenge with your classroom or want other rights, please contact me at [email protected]

Unfortunately, due to the digital download nature, I cannot offer a refund. However, if you have any questions before purchasing, I’d be happy to discuss them with you. Simply email me at [email protected].


So go ahead and grab your challenge kit below so that you can…

And finally be thanked by your kids without needing to remind them.

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