If you had to tell your kids to put their shoes on more than 5 times this week (or today really), and are ready to stop repeating yourself over and over again – keep scrolling…

kid routine printables

Introducing a done-for-you routine printables package so that you can implement right away and leave all that nagging behind.

I know how irritating it can be when your kid is constantly asking you “what can I do now mom?” even though they should already know it’s time to brush their teeth.

Or perhaps your child “forgot” to drink water for bed so gets up for the third time and before you know it, it’s 10PM.

Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt here and think that maybe they did truly forget.

And with you already having 5 million others tasks in your head, it’s no wonder you didn’t remind them.

That’s why you need a simple and visual system that’s easy for them to follow on their own.

Here's what's included...

Done-For-You Visual Routines

Visual Checklists and Cards for the 3 core routines your kids need so that they know exactly what to do and when, without having to ask you first.

Value $27

Chores for Kids by Age

Kids Chore System so that they can *actually* start helping out around the house and stop leaving everything up to you.

Value $7

Visual Potty Training

Potty Training Charts to help your littles start going to the bathroom alone without having to worry that they forgot to wash their hands.

Value $7

Congrats on Achieving Routine Goals

Reward Coupons and Certificates to keep them motivated on building these new habits.

Value $7

Turn Routine Building Into a Game!

Routine Bingo to help make the routine building a bit more fun!

Value $3

ONLY $37


In addition, you’ll also receive these bonuses:

An Introduction to Planning

Back-to-School Undated Calendar to help them keep track of the days of the week in case their routine changes over the weekends or holidays.

Value $9

Perfect for Quiet Time

Coloring Pages to keep them entertained during “quiet time” or use as a reward.

Value $7

Total Value: $67


I’m a wifey, mama of two and now work from home on my online business. But this only after being in the corporate and business world for 10+ years.

My ultimate goal is to help mamas like you master mom-life balance without the guilt, so that you can take time for yourself and enjoy quality family time with your kiddos. 

They grow up way too fast for us to miss anything, so we need to treasure every little moment that we can.

And these strategies are the beginning to a more fulfilling and less stressful mama life ♥



These printables are best suited for kids between the toddler phase through elementary school (2-10).

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You will have lifetime access to these printables upon purchase meaning you can print them out as many times as you’d like. However, to save on printer ink, a great option is to print them out once and have the printable laminated so you can reuse it.

Unfortunately, due to the digital download nature, I cannot offer a refund. However, if you have any questions before purchasing, I’d be happy to discuss them with you. Simply email me at [email protected].

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